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Google Spin Tours

Google Spin Tours can be called many different things: Google Business Views, 360 Degree Tours and Virtual Tours. But what are they? They’re amazing.


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Spin Tours, as we most commonly call them, take viewers for a spin through your business. You can provide a compelling visual walk-through of all the interior spaces of your location, and help your prospective customers get to know your company. People like to do business with companies they know and trust.

LunaTech 3D will start developing your Spin Tour by capturing your entire business interior in high definition. These photos will then be published where they can be instantly found on Google Web search, Google+ Local, Google Maps and Google Earth. Google is the world’s most used search engine, and the primary place that people turn to when searching for local businesses.

Visitors to your Spin Tour will be able to choose the starting point for their tour by clicking on an image in the Google carousel, along the bottom of the page. From there, they can “walk around” to different areas in the tour, or return to the carousel to choose another point of interest.

LunaTech 3D will help you to integrate your Spin Tour into the rest of your marketing efforts. Your Spin Tour can be incorporated into your website, social media and even your email signature. We’ll add some power to your online marketing tools!

Your Spin Tour will pop up instantly when search results return your company name on any Google search. While paid ads try to interest people in your services, a Spin Tour makes your business more visible to potential customers who are already searching for the services you provide. Warm up those prospects with a Spin Tour!

A Spin Tour costs much less than a typical ad campaign. At just a fraction of the cost of a print or radio spot, your Tour will be online indefinitely. And the cost per click? $0. Monthly fee? $0. A one-time fee gets your Spin Tour hosted on Google’s servers with no extra charges – ever.

There’s no need to worry about your website slowing to a crawl, either. YouTube and Google Maps will host all your memory-taxing content so your website will continue to run at its fastest. Take a look at some of the Spin Tours we’ve created for our customers, and see the speed.

What types of businesses can benefit from a Spin Tour? Here are just a few examples:

  • Senior Residences – Seniors and their families can “walk through” a residence and view floor plans prior to scheduling a live tour.
  • Hospitality Entities – Banquet and conference centers, tourist destinations, Chambers of Commerce, and Downtown Development Authorities can educate and entice visitors.
  • Industrial Plants – Give a physical plant and/or process flow tour to let prospective customers see how you can help them grow their businesses or solve their manufacturing problems.
  • Groups – Auto dealers, restaurants and golf courses can show all their locations in a Spin Tour.
  • Properties – Commercial brokers, property managers and developers can use Spin Tours to attract renters or buyers to their properties.
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With all the power of Google behind your campaign, your business will benefit tremendously from a Spin Tour. And blogs, videos, HotSpots and more can be incorporated into your Spin Tour to help you make use of the promotional materials you have already developed.   To see how to give your Spin Tour this additional power, check out our exciting InnerAct tool!

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