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Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism encompass a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Whether you are a hotel, conference center, theme park, wax museum, Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Development Authority, your business is to draw people to your desired location. A Spin Tour can help you to accomplish your goal.

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Visitors to your Spin Tour will be able to view whatever you choose to highlight, whether outside and/or inside. With a click of their mouse, visitors can “walk around” your target location and see everything you want to show them. LunaTech 3D can develop this Spin Tour for you, capturing everything in high definition and publishing the photos where they can be instantly found on Google’s virtual properties.

Google is the world’s most used search engine, and the primary place that people go to search for local businesses. A Google search within your area can instantly display your Spin Tour when results return your company name.   This fact means your business becomes more visible to potential customers who are already searching for the services you provide.

Your Spin Tour can also be put on steroids with our InnerAct technology. LunaTech 3D’s InnerAct tool has six primary elements that make your Spin Tour more valuable to you and more helpful to your patrons and prospects:

  • Map/Floor Plan of a single property or multiple locations to allow selection of a starting point in the Spin Tour
  • Familiar Google-style carousel along the bottom to allow selection of a starting point in the Spin Tour
  • Social media Share buttons always onscreen
  • Clickable HotSpots to instantly display photos, videos, documents and lists
  • Clickable Calls to Action in blue bar under the HotSpot to take viewers to Web and FaceBook pages
  • Full Google Analytics to ensure confirmation of your ROI

Google Analytics can help you discover who is visiting your site and why. What are the approximate ages of your visitors? What area of your Spin Tour was visited the most? How long did people stay in your Spin Tour? If Google knows it, you will, too.

InnerAct is responsively designed so that it runs across all devices and all screen sizes. This is important for connecting with on-the-go travelers using Smart Phones and Tablets.

Take a look at some of the Spin Tours we have developed using InnerAct technology. Then contact us here at LunaTech 3D for your no-obligation, free quote to see how we can help you draw people to your desired location.