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Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living Community, Upscale Senior Living, Assisted Living Facility – whatever name it goes by, the fact remains that potential residents and/or their families want to visit before the move-in date.


With a Spin Tour, people can visit your location from the comfort of their computers without having to physically drive to your facility. This e-visit can give them enough information to know that yes, they do want to spend the time getting to know you better. They can then follow-up with a personal visit to your facility, where these warm prospects can see your whole story first-hand.

Many seniors are hesitant to move from their homes into a Senior Facility, no matter what it is called. With a Spin Tour, these seniors can get a first glance into your facility and get to know it a little bit. They can see the various social rooms for dining, crafts and game-playing. They can peek into a private room, or apartment, or whatever you are offering, to see what it might be like to have their own space there. They can begin to imagine a more social life around other seniors, not unlike themselves, who have chosen to forego living alone in their current place to begin living together in a new space.

The families of seniors are also often hesitant about a move for their parents or other family members. A Spin Tour allows them to be less fearful of moving their loved-ones into a different residential setting. With so many choices on the market, families don’t have time to visit every possible facility. A Spin Tour helps them to see what you have to offer, so they can know that a visit to your facility will be worth their time.

To make a Spin Tour even more effective, we at LunaTech 3D have developed an exciting tool called InnerAct. This tool allows e-visitors to interact with your Spin Tour. They can click on the facility map or the Google-style carousel to choose a starting point for their Spin Tour. They can see the layout of the whole facility right on their computer screen, and click once to get a close-up view of a social area, or a private room, or whatever they choose.

InnerAct also allows you to embed videos and informational text into what we call HotSpots. LunaTech 3D can develop a video that informs visitors of the history of your facility, or highlights your special offerings. InnerAct can display a Call to Action that can encourage visitors to your site to become visitors to your facility. One-click actions might be to sign up for more information, or to contact you for a personal tour. You might have a special Open House that you want to highlight to e-visitors.

Take a look at how Presbyterian Villages of Michigan uses
InnerAct to display their Senior Living Facilities.

There are many things InnerAct can do because it is embeddable to Google, websites, FaceBook and all Social Media. Also, your FaceBook page links can be embedded into InnerAct. This means that all the work you’ve put into these areas to this point will not be wasted, but will be enhanced by InnerAct technology.

One of the best features of InnerAct is that it provides you with Google Analytics so that everything Google knows about visitors to your site will be conveyed to you in aggregate form. Do you want to see the approximate ages of people visiting your site? Do you want to know what they click on, to see what interests them the most about your facility? Want to know how long they stay at your site? This information can be yours with Google Analytics available to you through the InnerAct tool.

Take a look at some of our Spin Tours to see what we can do for you. Then contact us at LunaTech 3D for a free quote to see how we can help you to become more visible and accessible to your potential clients.

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