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Cities, counties and other municipalities can benefit from Spin Tours using our InnerAct technology. Publicize all your offerings, from libraries and parks to sports arenas and city halls, using interactive technology that allows visitors to “walk around” your website. Much more engaging and informative than stand-alone photos, Spin Tours engage people on your website, encouraging them to stay there longer and enticing them to visit the featured sites in person.

LunaTech 3D InnerAct Spin Tours use Google-style carousels across the bottom of the screen, allowing visitors to your website to choose where they would like to begin their tour. There is also a map/floor plan of either the single property or multiple locations, whatever you have chosen to include in your Spin Tour.

Google analytics are also included with every InnerAct Spin Tour, and can help you discover who is visiting your website and why. For example, what area of your Spin Tour was visited the most? How long did people stay in your Spin Tour? Everything that Google knows about visitors to your website will be made known to you when you have an InnerAct Spin Tour.

Another great advantage of InnerAct is that it is responsively designed so that it runs across all devices and all screen sizes. Whether a mother is using a laptop to locate the library, or her teenager is using her Smart Phone to check out the local Community Center, they will both have a seamless experience in an InnerAct Spin Tour.

The Spin Tour can also contain HotSpots, icons that website visitors can click to get more information (like business hours) or to watch a short video (such as a message from the Supervisor or Mayor). These HotSpots can also host a Call to Action, such as ordering tickets or making a reservation. Hotspots can be whatever you want them to be, as long as you have the other technology, like reservation software, available.

Google is the world’s most widely used search engine, and a Google search within your area can instantly display your Spin Tour when search results return your municipality’s location. For example, a search for New Center Library would bring up the Spin Tour for New Center, which includes the library among other buildings. Or, if you rather, you can have a Spin Tour for just the library, and show all the various rooms and offerings for just the one building. At LunaTech 3D, we can help you decide what is best for your municipality’s needs.

LunaTech 3D can help you publicize your parks, golf courses, senior center and anything else your municipality has to offer. Take a look at some of the InnerAct Spin Tours we have created for other communities, and imagine what we can do for you. Then, give us a call so we can surprise you with our affordability and you can start developing a Spin Tour of your own.


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