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Industrial Markets


Imagine being able to show prospects the inside of your plant or business without a personal visit. A Spin Tour can give you that capability.

Spin Tours are excellent tools for drawing visitors to your business. Once they see everything you have to offer, they can either visit in person or place an order without the need to see your operation first-hand.

A Spin Tour allows visitors to “walk around” your property with a click of their mouse. LunaTech 3D captures high-definition photos of all the areas you want to highlight, and places them in your tour. A Google-style carousel across the bottom of the screen allows visitors to choose where they want to begin their tour. They can either walk around that area, or return to the carousel to go to another section of the tour.

Plants can offer physical plant tours and/or process flow tours to help prospective customers see how they can grow their business or solve their manufacturing problems with help from your company. Technology companies can highlight their operation to show their capabilities, past successes and awards. Whatever you want to show in a Spin Tour, you can.

LunaTech 3D has developed a technology called InnerAct that can put your Spin Tour on steroids. InnerAct offers the following benefits, to name a few:

  • Map/Floor plan of a single property or multiple locations to allow selection of a starting point in the Spin Tour
  • Familiar Google-style carousel along the bottom to allow selection of a starting point in the tour
  • Social media Share buttons always on-screen
  • Clickable HotSpots to instantly display photos, videos, documents and lists.
  • Google Analytics, because you need to know what is happening in the virtual world

Full Google Analytics is included with every InnerAct Spin Tour so you can see EVERYTHING that your website visitors are doing inside of your Google Tour – even in real time! Where do they stay the longest? What are the demographics on your virtual tour guests? What days and times get the most traffic? If Google knows it, you will, too.

Sit behind the anchor desk at Fox News!

InnerAct Spin Tours enhance all of the ways that you currently market yourself online, and help take existing and new customers to the next level by adding a degree of digital visibility that is state-of-the-art. Whether it is your website, FaceBook page, social media and/or email marketing, InnerAct increases their effectiveness. This means that all of the work you’ve put into these areas to this point will not be wasted, but will be enhanced by InnerAct technology.

Clickable HotSpots allow you to play videos in your Spin Tour. These videos can be a message from the President, customer testimonials, or anything else that might provide benefit to your prospects. You can include a call-to-action where viewers can request a quote or more information. Your imagination and individual needs dictate what is included in a HotSpot.

LunaTech3D invites you to view some of the Spin Tours we have developed using InnerAct technology. Then contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. See how inexpensive and beneficial this technology can be to your business.