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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Broker, Property Manager, Developer –if you own one of these titles, you are greatly interested in finding buyers and/or tenants for commercial property. Here at LunaTech 3D, we know what you need and we can help you get it.

When a company is looking for a place to buy or lease, they are looking for a lot of things. They want to know if the location is right for their needs, and they want to see the inside of any existing structures. They are interested in the layout of the property, and they want to know about any value-added special features.

At LunaTech 3D, we help you to show them all of that, and more.

Using Spin Tour technology, we can virtually “fly in” your prospects and let them see the area surrounding your property. We can highlight airports, universities, and anything else you want to showcase. We’ll show them the outside of the building, and then spin the view 360 degrees around the structure so they can see the entire area.

Next, we can go inside the building. A reception area, a fully functional spec suite, overhead doors, loading docks, whatever you have to offer, we can show it to your prospects.

Spin Tours are excellent tools, but we have something even better to offer you. Our LunaTech 3D InnerAct technology allows you to do many things that a basic Spin Tour can’t accomplish.

InnerAct is interactive, and lets visitors to your website choose an area to view from the Google-style carousel, or from the site map showing the whole layout of your property. They can click on a HotSpot and see a Personal Interview Video of a manager and/or tenants, which can end with a Call to Action. You choose what prospects are able to see and do on your website.

InnerAct includes Google Analytics. Anything Google knows about visitors to your website will be summed up for you in aggregate form. What page did people visit the most? What are the approximate ages of your visitors? If Google knows it, you will, too.

InnerAct is embeddable to Google, Websites, FaceBook and all Social Media. And your FaceBook page links can be embedded into InnerAct. InnerAct is a tool that gives you the information and power you need to be successful.

Take a look at some of our Commercial Property Spin Tours with InnerAct to see what we can do for you. Then contact us at LunaTech 3D for a free quote and to learn how we can help you to become more visible and accessible to your prospects.